Lay those ghost stories to rest, video fans.

That "image" you may haven been seeing in the video version of the movie "Three Men and a Baby" is exactly that--an image of a cardboard cutout of one of the stars, Ted Danson.It's not supernatural, it's not spiritual, it's not even particularly spooky.

What is it, you ask? It's a glitch. Yes that's right--a filmmaker's nightmare, maybe, but not the stuff of demons and devils.

The ghostly shape, is, nonetheless, well on its way to becoming an urban legend.

It surfaced most recently at Pittsburgh, where callers claim to see a ghost on the video--some, in fact, claiming it is the ghost of a young boy who had died an unexplained death in an apartment in New York. Other callers, however, have slightly differing versions of the ghost's identity.

Ghost or no ghost, the hype has scared up a lot of business for video outlets wherever the rumor surfaces.

Ms. Puwal alluded to the possibility of a deliberate publicity stunt to promote the movie's sequel, "Three Men and a Little Lady," which is near completion. "Disney puts out quality movies, and I can't believe that this went unnoticed."

But Steven Feldstein, spokesman for Touchstone Home Video in Burbank, scoffed at the notion and confirmed the image is indeed a cardboard cutout of Danson--a misplaced prop that wasn't noticed.

He also pointed out that the movie didn't have anything to do with an apartment in New York. Or even anywhere is the United States. "It was shot on a stage in Toronto."

And the placement of the Danson cutout, he said, was purely unintentional.