A Massachusetts man with nine drunken-driving convictions has been sentenced for a 1987 traffic crash that killed a 24-year-old Logan woman four months before she was to be married.

Norman Routhier, 44, of Tyngsboro, Mass., got the maximum sentence - 31/2 to seven years - for negligent homicide in the death of Sandra Sant of Dunstable, Mass."Sandy was buried in her beautiful wedding dress that she was so excited about, and the flowers that should have attended her wedding lined her coffin," her weeping mother, Nadine Chadwick of Logan testified before the sentencing.

Superior Court Judge Linda Dalianis gave Routhier a consecutive 12-month sentence for a lesser offense, but credit for time served already and for good behavior while in jail essentially wipes it out.

Sant was injured on March 10, 1987, in Hudson when a full-size Buick driven by Routhier crashed head-on with her Toyota. She died the next day.

Authorities said Routhier's blood-alcohol level was .29 percent, nearly three times the legal standard for drunkenness in New Hampshire.

At the time, Routhier had six drunken-driving convictions in New Hampshire, one pending that later was dismissed, and three convictions in Massachusetts, according to motor vehicle officials in the two states.

Routhier had lost his driving privileges in New Hampshire for five years in 1985 but had a Massachusetts license.

Sant's fiance, Kevin Olds of Tyngsboro, said it was ironic that she was killed by a drunken driver because she had never touched alcohol in her life.

Olds was at Brigham Young University at the time of the accident. He and Sant were to have been married in July 1987.

She had gone east from Utah to work as a nanny and was taking courses in her chosen field, therapeutic massage. Her mother said that before going east, her daughter had spent a year and a half as missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Los Angeles.