The Wasatch Front Private Industry Council has approved and issued $2.2 million in contracts to provide job training and placement services to 2,000 people in Salt Lake and Tooele counties.

Federal funding is authorized by the Joint Training Partnership Act and will serve economically disadvantaged people and those with other barriers to employment, according to PIC officials. The council selected 16 local organizations to provide the various services to different segments of the population.For youths between 16 and 21 years old and adults, the Salt Lake Community College and the Utah Opportunities Industrialization Center will train people in occupational skills. Job Service and ITT Technical Institute will arrange for on-the-job training opportunities.

Career Guidance Center will channel clients into local colleges for higher education and the Asian Association, UOIC and Columbus Community Center will provide placement services.

To provide special services to youth, Special Vocational Services in the Salt Lake School District, the Hilda B. Jones Center of the Granite School District and South Valley Enterprises will serve handicapped youths.

The Riverside campus of the SLCC will teach basic education skills and do job placements and Riveria & Associates will provide stay-in-school counseling to youths who are potential high school dropouts.

Combining to serve mature workers over age 55 will be Salt Lake County Aging Services, Search Firm and Job Service. They will provide on-the-job training opportunities, a job club, instruction in job-seeking and retention skills.

For workers displaced from their jobs due to major economic shifts, Job Service will locate on-the-job positions.