Evan Hansen, 22, of Salt Lake City, was named the winner Friday morning in KCPX radio's "What Would You Do For $5,000?" contest.

According to KCPX promotions director Liz Runge, KCPX received hundreds of entries in this first-ever contest, but it was Hansen's bizarre scenario that claimed the victory in the judging on the basis of creativity and originality.To earn his money, Hansen must now actually perform his unusual feat in public:

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, from 4-8 p.m. in the parking lot at the Cottonwood Mall, Hansen will use a torch to slice the entire top off his Toyota station wagon. Then he'll turn his car into the largest bowl of Jell-O that Salt Lake City has ever seen.

Next, dressed in a white tuxedo, he'll climb into the red raspberry gelatin, decorate the top of it and his head with whipped cream and drive around the parking lot.

"Tell everyone to bring their spoons. There will be plenty of free Jell-O afterward," Hansen said.

The contest began at the end of July and some of the other entries included performing feats such as: swimming in a pool of worms, dressing up like an old-time housekeeper and vacuuming a block of the city, dressing up like Little Bo Beep and carving the KCPX logo into green-colored hair. - Lynn Arave