A California company said Monday it has developed a disinfectant for health facilities that they say kills the AIDS virus, but the EPA said it has not yet approved such products and probably will not for a few months.

Milton Rich, spokesman for the Gentre Laboratories of Laguna Hills, Calif., said the company will announce its AIDS disinfectant, called Protectin, at a news conference in New York Wednesday."Protectin is a non-toxic formula which will provide an extra measure of protection for health care professionals and others likely to come in contact with the AIDS virus, tainted fluids or tissues," the company said.

The Gentre products will include a liquid soap, disinfectant, a surface cleaner and towelettes for killing the virus in doctors' and dentists' offices, laboratories, ambulances and other health care facilities. The products cannot be taken internally and are not a treatment for people with AIDS.

Surgeon General C. Everett Koop has called AIDS "a very fragile virus," that cannot be transmitted casually on toilet seats or tableware because it is sensitive to air, heat and cleaning products.

Another Gentre spokesman, Garth Hintz, said the product would be available this summer for "high-risk" workers such as doctors, dentists and lab workers.