Pioneer Steel and Tube Distributors will open a new pipe manufacturing and processing facility in August next to the Geneva Steel Pipe Mill, company officials have announced.

Steven Livingston, president and owner of the Denver-based company, said 15 to 18 local people will be hired to work at the new facility. In about six months he hopes to increase his work force to about 30 people. Only the plant manager will transfer from the Colorado headquarters.Pioneer Steel and Tube's two buildings, totaling 45,000 square feet, will be located just west of Geneva's pipe mill.

Livingston said they relocated next to Geneva Steel because "Geneva offered us a quality source of electric-resistance-welded 6-through-16-inch pipe while Utah County provided us with an excellent work force and a central location to service our varied customer base."

The company manufactures a wide variety of pipe products and pipe sizes. Sizes range from one-half inch through 16 inches.

Geneva Steel officials said they are leasing the land to Pioneer Steel and Tube Distributors as part of Geneva's ongoing efforts to expand their steel markets and improve the local economy.

The new facility will also expand Geneva's pipe product line and help eliminate seasonal production highs and lows.