The following is a list of slang recently recorded by court reporters, following by explanations:

Fooled out: Make a mistake.

Do a train: Leave.

Do a ghost: Leave.

Mud duck: Ugly girl.

Deuce and a quarter: Buick Electra 225.

Benzo: Mercedes-Benz.

Hoopty: Car.

Deuce-deuce: .22-caliber gun.

Trey-eight: .38-caliber gun.

Four-five: .45-caliber gun.

Gauge: Shotgun.

Breakdown: Shotgun.

Gat: Gun.

Dimday: Dusk.

Bustin': Go out shooting.

Ride on: Drive-by shooting.

Jack: Hijack.

Talking head: Arguing.

Rush: Attack.

Squab: Fight.

You got four feet?: Want to fight?

Take out of the box: Kill someone.

Dead presidents: Money.

Kite: Letter from prison.

Hook: Phony person.

Eight-track: 2.5 grams of cocaine.

On the pipe: Free-basing cocaine.

Water: PCP.

High beams on: High on cocaine.

Mark: Someone who wants to be a gang member.

Poohbutt: Someone who thinks he is a gang member but is not considered worthy.

Glass house: LAPD headquarters or a 1967 Chevrolet (with wraparound windshield).

Jim Jones: Marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine, dipped in PCP.