While cowboys where roping calves and bustin' broncs at the Days of '47 Rodeo this past weekend, Ogden's Ronnie Barker was roaming behind the scenes asking the rodeo animals things like: "What's your sign?"

Barker, you see, is a professional psychic - and communicating with animals is one of her best psychic skills."The light-colored horses seem the most uptight," she said. "They're scared because they don't know what to expect."

"The darker horses think it's humorous that the cowboys work so hard to try and show their dominance over the animal kingdom. They know that man is supposed to have dominance and they find this humorous."

Barker, who does freelance writing for several psychic-orientated magazines in addition to business and personal consultations, was also busy behind the scenes at the rodeo cornering professional cowboys to complete a survey about Zodiac signs. She hopes to determine if there is a relationship between rodeo success and signs of the Zodiac.

"Sagittarians seem to do better in the roping events while Leos and Scorpios are doing better in the riding events," Barker said of her preliminary results.

Barker has spent half her 36 years pursuing development of her psychic skills and has lived in San Francisco, Denver, Miami and the Middle East.

Barker said her experiences as a psychic have run the gamut and include allowing spirits of people who have passed on to use her body to communicate with loved ones left behind. She said she does this reluctantly because the departed spirit takes over emotional control in those situations.

"I feel like a fool sobbing and crying and showing all that emotion," said Barker. "But it isn't me and there is nothing I can do."

She said Working in Ogden is an exciting adventure, not because it is her hometown, but because "there is a tremendous energy field over the city." She also noted that Ogden is one of the points where UFO tracks converge.