A swimming pool in the basement? A jacuzzi upstairs? Fireplaces in all the bedrooms? An upstairs deck? Walk-in closets?

What would it take to create your dream home?The 1988 Dream Home Survey conducted by Landmark Designs asked readers of 19 newspapers around the country what they would want if they were building their dream home.

And according to survey results, dreams these days tend to be firmly rooted in practicality.

Sixty percent of the survey respondents preferred a medium-sized house (1,500-2,000 square feet), and the average budget was $112,128 (excluding land).

Slightly more than two-thirds of the respondents said they will definitely build their dream home, and a fifth said they had already done so.

Other results include:

Location: 26 percent prefer the city; 47 percent would like a home in the country; 21 percent would choose a hillside.

Exterior style: Period architecture was the No. 1 choice, followed by contemporary, ranch, colonial and cottage.

Exterior material: 54 percent of the respondents prefer brick; 42 percent opt for wood; 27 percent vote for stone.

Garage: A large majority (85 percent) prefer an attached garage; 54 percent said they would like added shop or storage space in the garage.

Master suite: Walk-in closets topped the list of features respondents would like in the master bedroom. Second was two basins, followed by vanity, skylight, shower, oversize tub and a sitting room.

Main bath: In the main bath, 79 percent want a tub and shower, 52 percent vote for a vanity and 44 percent for two basins while only 3 percent would like a spa.

Kitchen: Interestingly, 83 percent of the respondents want a microwave, while 60 percent want a range and oven (see chart).

Living areas: The most popular combination appears to be a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. Utility and family rooms are the most popular rooms (see chart).

Special features: When it comes to the extras, 87 percent said they would like a fireplace or woodstove and 85 percent want a deck or patio. Other popular features include skylights (44 percent), vaulted ceiling (40 percent), atrium (21 percent), spa (21 percent), swimming pool (20 percent) and media center (17 percent).