To the editor:

Kinko's of Salt Lake, Inc., wishes to clarify its position on the Salt Lake County Wasatch Canyons Master Plan notice hearings. Kinko's of Salt Lake, Inc. does not sponsor any political movement as was inadvertantly and improperly printed on a mailer from the Canyons Master Plan alert organization.Kinko's corporate political policy is one of neutrality. There are 480 Kinko's copy centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is our intention to encourage growth of a happy and healthy business environment here in Utah. As the state grows, so does our capacity to best serve the community and prosper. Our aggressive marketing campaign supports this.

A great diversity of churches, religion, organizations and businesses utilize our services. Clearly, we are not allowed to discriminate or deny our copying services to any organization because of their political or religious alignment. We regret this miscommunication and maintain that our name was inadvertantly included as a sponsor of this political movement.

James R. Powell

Marketing Director

Kinko's of Salt Lake, Inc.