A clogging team from Sandy clogged off with a pair of major awards recently.

Buckles and Bows won first place at the Clogging Grand Championship in Silver Dollar City, Mo., then entered a Hee-Haw competition at Opryland, and won the same award there."There were 20 top teams in the final round of the Hee-Haw event," says Karen Warren, director of the group. "The dancers were very nervous, but they did a great job."

The win placed the group on the fall lineup for a Hee-Haw show, and opened the door to other performances.

"We've gotten a lot of opportunities from this," says Warren. "We'll be doing a specialty number at the Clogging Association convention next year, for instance."

The group first came to prominence dancing on Eugene Jelesnik's local talent show. Now other groups are springing up left and right. Clogging has picked up in popularity and Utah, especially, seems to be taking an interest in it.

"It's good clean fun and you never have to ask the kids to practice," says Warren. "Their feet are moving all the time. The interesting thing about this particular group of dancers is they are also ballroom dancers."

Members of the group range in age from 12 to 19 and are the cream from a series of tryouts for the Buckles and Bows group.

The win is wonderful, of course, but now the pressure is on for next year.

"It's tough," says Warren. "We're already trying to think of things we can do to top it.