Quarterback Jim McMahon's goal is to play a full season with the Chicago Bears but he vowed Saturday never again to play with injuries.

"I feel great right now, super," McMahon said during a break in the Bears' two-a-day summer camp workouts."My leg hasn't bothered me yet, my shoulder is good and my right arm feels great," said McMahon, who this season is sporting a crew haircut along with a goatee.

"My left shoulder? We won't know about that until I get hit, but it will take a pretty good pop to knock it out," said McMahon. "If that happens, I'm through for the season. I will not play injured again. But my only goal this year is to play every game."

McMahon says he has played more than he should have in the past while nursing injuries.

"How many guys would play with a broken hand?" he asked of the first injury he received in 1984. "Broke it while I was in the pocket throwing a touchdown pass. Until then, I hadn't missed a game."

But since then, his career has been spotty.

He suffered a back injury and a lacerated kidney in 1984, and missed seven games. He missed three straight games because of a shoulder injury in 1985 before returning to lead the Bears to the Super Bowl championship.

He played in only six games in 1986 because of a bad right shoulder on which he underwent major surgery at the end of the season. Last year he missed the last three games of the season before returning for the playoff loss against the Washington Redskins in which he dislocated his left shoulder.

McMahon claims most of his injuries have "been freakish. How many players have had lacerated kidneys? Not many.

"It's frustrating when you can't play, it bothers me," said McMahon. "Maybe I'll fool all of you and play all year this time."

Some of that will depend on the offensive line. Four regulars in that line including Jay Hilgenberg, Jimbo Covert, Keith Van Horne and Tom Thayer underwent surgery in the off-season.

"I have to be concerned with the offensive line," said McMahon. "If they're not healthy, I won't be healthy. I hope they can last."

McMahon also thinks a change in basic formations with assistant coach Greg Landry calling the plays and getting rid of the ball quickly will help keep him healthy.

"We'll be better off with Landry calling the plays," said McMahon. "He knows the situations and he knows how to call the plays."

But he also thinks the Bears will remain a running team even though Walter Payton has retired.

"That won't change. Even if we throw more, we still have (Neal) Anderson and (Thomas) Sanders who are both real good runners."

McMahon is throwing the ball as well - if not better - than ever, claiming, "My right shoulder is stronger and better than it was in camp last year."

Now all he has to do is stay healthy. If he attains that goal, the Bears could hang up a fifth straight divisional title and reach their goal of making it to the Super Bowl.