A Box Elder County constable charged with the attempted murder of her husband was bound over to 1st District Court Tuesday after two days of testimony in a preliminary hearing.

Peggy Johnson, 37, was arrested Jan. 30 after paying an undercover agent of the State Organized Crime and Criminal Investigation Agency $500 for "crank," or methamphetamine, that the agent testified Johnson said she was going to put in her husband's coffee.The agent, Steve Vojtecky, referred to transcripts of taped conversations with Johnson. He said Johnson told him and an informant that she had tried to kill her husband, Danny, with d-con, a rat and mouse killer, oxalic acid and heroin. But they hadn't worked.

Police informant Cindy Orozco, Ogden, testified that Johnson contacted her in December and asked for help obtaining drugs to kill her husband. She said that during one conversation, Johnson referred to putting acid and a rat killer in her husband's medicine capsules.

An expert from the Weber State Crime Lab testified that he tested a bottle of ampicillin, prescribed for Danny Johnson, and found the eight remaining capsules contained oxalic acid.

Johnson is charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, each a first-degree felony, and one count of distributing a controlled substance.

Judge Phillip Browning, an Ogden judge, presided over the preliminary hearing because Peggy Johnson has had an association with 1st Circuit Judge Robert Daines. Peggy Johnson is also a bail bondsman.

She will be arraigned in 1st District Court on April 4. Bail, originally set at $50,000, has been reduced to $25,000, and Johnson is out on bail.