Two independent investigations into a July 10 shooting that left a Layton police officer and car burglary suspect wounded are being wrapped up this week but no results have been released yet.

Lt. Morton Sparks of the Layton Police Department said Wednesday his investigation into the incident is complete and is being readied for submission to Police Chief Doyle Talbott.A separate investigation by the Davis County attorney's office should also be wrapped up soon.

Although he can't release his conclusion, Sparks said, "I don't see any major problems" for the patrolman or the department as a result of his investigation.

Officer Terry Gardner, a seven-year veteran of the police department, was wounded in the left forearm, and the man he was trying to arrest, Jeffrey Castillo, 20, of Ogden, was wounded in the neck.

According to the department, Gardner responded to a call on a car burglary about 2:30 a.m. July 10. When he arrived, he confronted three men, who, according to police, tried to flee the scene.

Gardner caught one of them, police said, and during a struggle to subdue him, drew his police service weapon, which went off, wounding him and Castillo. Both suffered only minor wounds and were treated at a local hospital and discharged.

Castillo was then booked into the Davis County Jail and subsequently arraigned on charges of auto burglary and obstructing an officer, according to court records.

Sparks said Gardner has been on "light duty" in the department's dispatch center since the incident, both to recover from his wound and because of the department investigation into the shooting.