Democratic Salt Lake County candidate Jim Bradley has gained a bit on GOP Commissioner Mike Stewart in their race for the four-year commission seat, while Republican Tom Shimizu, attempting a comeback to his two-year seat, has widened his lead over his Democratic opponent, Dale Gardiner.

Those are the results of the latest Deseret News/KSL-TV poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates.Jones asked 246 Salt Lake County residents in June 28-29 telephone interviews for whom they would vote for commissioner if the election were held today.

In the four-year race, 45 percent said they would vote for Stewart, 31 percent said Bradley and 23 percent didn't know.

In the two-year race, 54 percent said Shimizu, 29 percent said Gardiner, 2 percent said Libertarian Gary Root and 15 percent said they were undecided. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 6 percent.

A comparison of the latest poll with one taken in May shows that Bradley has gained 3 points and Stewart has gained 1 point.

While Democrat Bradley has gained on Stewart, Republican Shimizu has increased his lead over Gardiner. In May, Shimizu was favored by 47 percent. He gained 7 points in the latest poll. Gardiner was favored by 34 percent in May and has dropped 5 points. Shimizu now leads Gardiner, mayor of Riverton City, by 25 points.

Gardiner was a late entry into the race. Salt Lake County Commissioner Dave Watson, a Democrat, was planning on seeking re-election. But after he pleaded guilty to charges of misdemeanor drunken driving and attempted possession of cocaine, he decided to drop out of the race. On May 21, the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention picked Gardiner to succeed Watson as the Democratic candidate.

If the election for four-year county commissioner were held today and the candidates were Jim Bradley, Democrat, and Mike Stewart, Republican, for whom would you vote?

Bradley 31 percent

Stewart 45 percent

Don't know 23 percent

If the election for two-year county commissioner were held today and the candidates were Tom Shimizu, Republican; Dale Gardiner, Democrat; and Gary Root, Libertarian; for whom would you vote?

Shimizu 54 percent

Gardiner 29 percent

Root 2 percent

Don't know 15 percent

Sample size: 246; margin of error plus or minus 6 percent