Salt Lake County commissioners are protesting a proposal that the state include information with soon-to-be-sent tax rebate checks telling citizens how they can donate a portion of their refund to the state for spending on education.

Commissioners say they would prefer to see no such donation information included with rebate checks. But if citizens are going to be told how they can donate to education, they should also be informed how they might contribute to local government.The county's intergovernmental relations office was instructed to voice commssioners' objections in a phone call to Reed Searle, Gov. Norm Bangerter's chief of staff.

"We would ask that they either do nothing, or include all levels of government," said Commission Chairman Bart Barker. "The main reason the state had such a large surplus was that many millions of dollars were diverted from local road funds. Why not ask citizens if they want to contribute for roads?"

Commissioners questioned how appropriate it is to encourage donations that would be earmarked for spending only on education when areas like social services and corrections can also make a good case for increased funding.