Temporary custody of a baby girl born and abandoned in a jetliner bathroom has been awarded to her paternal grandparents, John and Frances LoCasto, of Staten Island, N.Y., by a juvenile court commissioner in Belmont, Calif.

The baby's parents, Christina Marie LoCasto and her husband, Louis, also of Staten Island, will be allowed to see the infant at the grandparents' home only in weekly visits supervised by New York child welfare authorities.The baby, Alyssa, who survived a six-hour cross-country flight stuffed under sink pipes in a bathroom cabinet, will remain in a foster home near San Francisco until a hearing Aug. 5.

The husband, a limousine service operator, told police he did not know his wife, 24, was pregnant and was shocked to learn she had given birth in the plane's bathroom July 13 to a full-term baby. He and the couple's other two children also were aboard.

"This could be the beginning of a happy ending," said Vicki Yeley, an attorney for the father.