Police in this southern California city continue to look for a motive in the slaying of a former Utah woman who was found murdered in her apartment on Monday.

Lt. Rick Johnson said police so far have found no solid leads in the death of Malinda Godfrey Gibbons, 22, who moved to the area with her husband at the end of June. Gibbons is a native of Harrisville, Weber County, and the couple had lived in Clearfield until their move to California.Johnson said there are still no substantial clues in the killing, which apparently happened some time before noon. Gibbons was last seen alive by her husband about 8 a.m. when he left for work.

There was no sign of forced entry into the apartment and there was no sign of struggle. Robbery and burglary have been ruled out as motives, since nothing in the apartment appeared to be missing or disturbed.

Johnson said Friday night that police are stymied at this point, but are continuing to evaluate evidence from the scene in hopes of turning up a lead.