Air Force briefing officers have told Rep. Wayne Owens that budget pressures have denied any funds this year for the Air Force electronic warfare range proposed for western Utah.

Air Force officers denied any knowledge of Army Corps of Engineers plans to spend money on the range next year.Owens, D-Utah, said the Air Force has only hopes that the range will be funded in 1990, or will be built before late in the 1990s.

"It's up for grabs in the budget," Owens said, although the Air Force still wants to build the range and considers Utah the leading site.

Congressmen and officials in other states have become interested, he noted, including those representing Idaho and Wyoming.

Air Force officials told Owens they would prefer to locate the range in Utah and would like to see the subject getting less of the public notice that has stirred other states' interest.

"It's just not a high enough priority for the Air Force to build it right now," Owens said.