Statements that the prosecution's star witness, Boyd Atene, made earlier to investigators and now admits were untrue, include:

-A Dec. 8, 1987, FBI interrogation when he denied going to the bonfire where the two officers were shot.-A Dec. 23, 1987, interview with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, where he said he was at the bonfire.

-A Jan. 21 FBI interview when he said he was there, but made up fake details to "protect my friends and relatives."

-A Jan. 26 meeting with the FBI when he said he was there, but falsely said he saw Ben Atene shoot Roy Lee Stanley. "It was just a guess," he admits now.

-A Feb. 12 grand jury appearance when he testified untruthfully that Ben Atene grabbed Officer Stanley's gun and shot, and lied that Thomas Cly hit Stanley in the stomach. That was a "guess," he said.

He also said then that he saw Bedonie with two guns. "Only one," he corrected Thursday.

-A June appearance before the grand jury in which he denied being at the crime scene. He said he wanted to protect friends and family and "get myself out of this situation" so he wouldn't have to be a witness.

At this session, Boyd Atene said he didn't see a number of people he really did see, and was forced by the FBI to sign a false statement. These were lies, he admits now.

-A meeting with defense lawyer Walter Budgen in May, in which he said he was never at the bonfire.