Elmae Johnson, a former member of the Atonement Lutheran Church and a member of the local congregational call committee, explained the process of choosing the new pastor.

First, a letter was sent to the Rocky Mountain synod office, headquartered in Denver and headed by Bishop Wayne Weissenbuehler, to find out how to set up a call committee.Seven local members were invited to serve on that committee, which prepared a profile of the congregation - history, programs, financial situation, description of facilities, etc. They also designated what kind of leadership qualities they wanted in a pastor.

To meet the requirements, a preacher must be a minister in crisis, a counselor, an evangelist and witness motivator, a leader of worship and a builder of interpersonal climate, they said.

Their profile was sent to the synod office.

"Actually, this is where things are right now," Mrs. Johnson said. The synod office is presently gathering the resumes and will select candidates with the proper qualifications. The synod office will then send resumes to Salt Lake and the call committee will read through them.

The committee will set up telephone interviews with each of the candidates. The committee will invite two or three candidates to come to Salt Lake to meet the committee. While here, however, they will not meet the congregation or deliver a sermon.

The committee will prayerfully consider the names, and when a decision is made, it will call the congregation together to recommend a name.

"Most of the time," Pastor Leuning said, "the congregation respects the recommendation of the call committee."

Once the pastor has been notified and has agreed to come, he will be officially installed.