The city council has decided to hold a special election in October rather than including a $5.7 million capital improvements bond issue on the November general election ballot.

City Manager Ron Olson said council members were concerned the bond election would be buried among all of the other ballot items - tax limitation, tax rollbacks, consolidation of county government - already on the November ballot."They're just afraid it will get lost in the shuffle," Olson said. "They want it to stand on its own merits and get its own shot."

Oct. 4 is the probable date for the bond election.

Most of the money from the bond would be spent widening 90th South and Redwood Road, and building the proposed Jordan River Boulevard, which would connect 70th South with the I-15 interchange at 72nd South. About $500,000 would also be spent making park improvements and buying property for park development, and for several other road projects.

The bond would be repaid with revenues from a 40-percent increase in the property taxes collected by West Jordan. That increase will cost the owner of a $67,000 home $3.04 per month, Olson said.

If the bond passes in October and voters approve tax rollbacks in November, the capital improvement list would be altered significantly. But the city still has plenty of projects it could spend the bond money on, Olson said.

The major road improvement projects would have to be deferred because they are on state roads and involve the Utah Department of Transportation, which would not have money for the projects if tax rollbacks were imposed, Olson said.

"The roads are top priority, but if they can't be done we would just move down to the second priority."