"Vinnie was the one that shot Roy Lee there."

With that, Marie Haycock implicated Vinton Bedonie as the man who fired a shot into Navajo Tribal Police Officer Roy Lee Stanley the night of Dec. 4. She was the first witness to testify about the shooting of Stanley and Tribal Officer Andy Begay.Bedonie, Thomas Cly, Ben Atene Jr. and Marques Atene are charged with first-degree murder in the killings. Prosecutors say both officers were shot at a wash near Goulding's Lodge, close to Monument Valley, San Juan County, when they came upon an illegal beer party. The partygoers had a bonfire, according to this theory.

Prosecutors say the wounded officers were driven to a remote area in Copper Canyon, about six miles from Lake Powell, where their police panel trucks were doused with gasoline and torched. A medical examiner has testified they died in the fire.

Haycock, 26, Mexican Hat, said Wednesday that she and her friend Martha Chee delivered some beer and a birthday cake to her stepbrother, Boyd Atene, that night at the bonfire. It was close to a place called Fat Man Squeeze. Then the women stayed a while longer.

Haycock identified others at the bonfire as the defendants as well as others who have not been charged with the killings, and people she didn't know. Asked to point out the defendants, she mixed up Ben Atene Jr. and Marques Atene, but corrected the mistake.

About 45 minutes after she got there, Stanley arrived in his truck, she said. He left the truck and walked toward the bonfire.

Stanley told people at the party, "Go home, go home, take care of yourself, and drive carefully," she said. The officer pointed out it was cold and "you guys could be out here all night."

Then Bedonie said, "You guys are always breaking up the party,' and Thomas (Cly) said, `You're always arresting people.' "

She said Cly pushed Stanley back "and then they started fighting, were hitting him, kicking him."

Those fighting with Stanley were Cly, Bedonie and Ben Atene Jr., she said. She did not see what Marques Atene was doing.

The fight ended after only a minute, she said. "They took him (Stanley) over to the panel - it was Vinnie, Thomas and Ben."

Cly and Ben Atene hauled Stanley by his arms to the truck, she said. After the officer was taken behind his truck, "I heard a gunshot."

She believed Bedonie shot him "because he had the gun."

Cly dragged her over and ordered her to turn over Stanley to see if he was dead, she said.

She touched his shoulder, afraid that if she said he was alive they would shoot him, Haycock testified.

"I said, `Oh my God, you guys killed him.' " Cly and the Atenes were behind the truck, and Bedonie was standing over Stanley, she said.

Haycock said she slowly backed away, then hurried to her friend's Blazer. She sat there with Chee, crying, but then got out again to tell her brother to leave.

About 20 minutes after the shooting "Andy Begay drove in." He parked his truck behind Stanley's, she said.

"Vinnie came behind him and he got him right there." She meant that Bedonie captured him - pointing the gun at Begay.

"What did Vinnie do then?" asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Stewart Walz.

"Well, let's see. He took him behind Andy's panel. . . . I just heard another shot right there." Later, she corrected this to say Begay was taken behind Stanley's truck.

She went back to the Blazer and the women left.

Haycock admitted that she lied when she was first interviewed by the FBI and to defense lawyers when she said she wasn't there.

She said she didn't want to be implicated in murder "because of touching Roy Lee's body."

Asked about her repeated lying to the defense lawyers, Haycock said she believed "you guys were going back to the defendants' families and telling them what we were saying."

Also, she felt "so close to those guys . . . Thomas and Vinnie. They were friends and relatives." She wiped away tears.

Questioned about the cause of the fight with Stanley, she said, "Because those guys didn't like him and I know Thomas (Cly) was after him."

In her grand jury testimony, she said Boyd Atene had arrived with some girls, instead of the men she named Wednesday.

Chee, who lives near Goulding's, said that when the fist fight began, she started walking to her vehicle. She heard a shot and the fight stopped. She turned and "saw Roy on the ground."

At her Blazer, she turned again and Stanley was still on the ground, face down, with handcuffs on his wrists behind him.

She got out of the vehicle to find Haycock, wishing to leave, and "I saw them taking Roy back to his vehicle."

These were Bedonie and Marques Atene, she said. They had a door open on the driver's side. "I don't know what they were doing there."

After returning to her vehicle, she heard a second shot.

She saw Haycock going toward the police truck and "people runnin' around." Cold and frightened, she hid in her Blazer.

Twenty minutes later Begay arrived. In about 15 seconds, she heard a third shot, Chee said.

Haycock came back and they drove away in a panic. Chee saw "some guys putting a body in a police vehicle." It was Begay's truck.

She admitted that a sketch she made in April of the arrangement of the trucks is completely different from the arrangement she described Wednesday.

"I just made a drawing (for the FBI) to get out of there. I just made a quick drawing," she said.