Police have arrested 15 people as part of a roundup of drug suspects in the metropolitan area.

The arrests, occurring in various locations in Salt Lake County, began Wednesday night and are expected to continue through Thursday, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Tom Brown.An undercover narcotics officer had been working six months purchasing cocaine, marijuana and speed throughout the valley, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Marty Vuyk, who heads the multi-agency Metro Narcotics Strike Force.

The suspects include 22 adults and eight juveniles.

Vuyk said "the arrests might not put a dent in street drug sales but they do send a strong message" to drug dealers.

"It does have an effect in that it raises the caution level of individuals who might be inclined to deal, in that they realize the possibility is always there that they might be selling to a narcotics officer.

"It's not a huge bust, but it's our little effort to round up people who are basically street dealers."

Vuyk said the officer made more than 80 purchases, which ranged in price from $20 for a hit of speed to more than $100 for cocaine.