President Jeffrey R. Holland has announced the appointments of two deans at Brigham Young University.

Clayton S. Huber, chairman of the food science and nutrition department, replaces Bruce N. Smith as dean of the College of Biology and Agriculture. Smith is returning to full-time teaching and research in the college.Dan W. Andersen, associate dean, becomes dean of the College of Education, replacing Ralph B. Smith, who is retiring.

The deans have named associate deans to aid in the administration of the colleges. Working with Huber will be Richard W. Heninger, chairman of the zoology department, and William L. Park, a professor of agricultural economics.

In the College of Education, Ruel A. Allred, a professor of elementary education, and Russell T. Osguthorpe, a professor of educational psychology, will be associate deans.

Huber earned bachelor's and master's degrees at Utah State University and a doctorate in food science at Purdue University. From 1968 to 1975, he worked for Technology Inc., a prime contractor for food development and nutritional support for NASA in Houston.

He was involved in several space projects, including the Lunar Landing (Apollo), Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz, the joint American-Russian flight, before joining the BYU faculty in 1976. He also developed several technical proposals for the installation of food plants in the USSR, Poland and Rumania, and he developed a dehydrated meal system for remote areas.

Huber served as chairman of food science and nutrition at BYU from 1976 until his appointment as dean.

Andersen has been an associate dean in the College of Education since 1984. He was chairman of the Educational Leadership Department in 1983-84.

Before joining the BYU faculty in 1980, Andersen was president of the BYU-Hawaii campus for six years. During that time, several new buildings were added and enrollment grew from about 900 to about 1,800.

Andersen received a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah, a master's degree from the University of Southern California and a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin.

Heninger has been chairman of zoology since 1982. An active researcher and author of several scholarly papers, his recent research focuses on the function of the thyroid. He has studied effects of marijuana smoke, tobacco smoke, diabetes and age on the thyroid's function.

Park is a widely published researcher whose recent projects have involved the management of dairy production. He joined BYU as chairman of the Department of Agricultural Economics in 1977.

Allred is an authority on the teaching of spelling. He says the most effective spellers are those who can visualize words, or "take pictures" of words in their minds. He is a co-author of spelling programs for the public schools that have been used by millions of pupils in the United States and Canada.

Osguthorpe's most recent research has emphasized the development of personal computer software and related equipment that allow handicapped people to communicate more effectively. He has had wide experience as a consultant and has published many scholarly articles.