A $2 million lawsuit filed by a Richfield obstetrician against Intermountain Health Care Inc. has been dismissed in federal district court.

Judge David K. Winder dismissed the suit that was filed by Dr. James Jaussi.Two of the causes of action that were filed may be re-filed during the next few months, said Paul Lyman, Richfield attorney who represents Jaussi.

The first cause of Jaussi's suit concerned anti-trust, the second and third causes claimed price-fixing, the fourth contended breach of contract and the fifth wrongful interference with business expectations.

Winder dismissed the first three causes with prejudice, so those actions cannot be filed again. The last two causes of action were dismissed without prejudice and may be re-filed.

Jaussi claimed Sevier Valley Hospital illegally entered into agreements with other Richfield doctors, including obstetrical care. These actions, Jaussi claimed, adversely affected his own practice.

He claimed he was providing obstetrical care for about 82 percent of the needs in the Sevier County before the hospital and IHC entered agreements with other doctors.

Jaussi also claimed violation of an agreement between himself and the hospital that was in effect when he moved to Richfield from Price in 1985. The suit stated Sevier Valley Hospital entered into contracts to provide insurance-type coverage for obstetrical health care for the other doctors, but that it was not provided to the plaintiff.