"When are you moving?"

That's the phrase most often heard nowadays in the Utah County Courthouse - and, no, there's not a mass exodus from Utah County brewing.Instead, the move could be considered a somewhat minor one - but don't tell that to the state and county employees who continue to relocate their offices into the new Utah County Regional Government Complex.

The shuffle has been going for some two weeks, with the contingent from the Utah County attorney's office having the distinction of being the building's first tenant earlier this month.

The $30 million complex boasts 132,000 square feet of space for regional state offices, with another 90,000 square feet set aside for county offices. It will serve as a working place for an estimated 200 county employees and 350 state employees.

All relocated state and county offices are expected to be in place at the Utah County Regional Government Complex by the end of the month, with dedication ceremonies for the complex planned for Aug. 2.

An open house is scheduled from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. July 22 for the public to visit the new government complex.

Meanwhile, some county offices will not move to the new government complex, instead staying at current sites. Also, the Utah County Courthouse will undergo some partial renovation and expansion to accommodate the needs of the 4th District Court.