Salt Lake County will hire the same Salt Lake consultants that last year studied the Taylorsville-Bennion incorporation request to determine the feasibility of making Bennion a city.

County commissioners have authorized the hiring of Phase II Consulting to study a Bennion incorporation proposal and provide residents with information needed to compare the merits of becoming a city, annexing to Murray or remaining an unincorporated part of the county.The firm will have 90 days to complete the study, which could cost as much as $7,500.

Although Taylorsville-Bennion voters in March defeated a proposal to incorporate that area, Bennion residents have submitted another incorporation petition.

The area that Bennion petitioners want to incorporate - generally from 54th South on the north, West Jordan on the south, Murray on the east and 40th West on the west - is partially overlapped by an annexation request Murray is considering.