Washington Redskins quarterback Jay Schroeder, demoted last season in favor of Doug Williams, has told the Super Bowl champions to trade him rather than relegating him to the bench for the 1988 season.

Schroeder, a 1986 Pro Bowl selection and one of only eight quarterbacks to throw for more than 4,000 yards in a season, said Tuesday he asked to be traded during a private meeting Monday night with Coach Joe Gibbs."I wouldn't mind playing here at all. I've had a blast playing here," Schroeder said. "You've got great people around you to play with and you're always going to play those extra games (playoff games). Who wouldn't have fun playing here?

"But, then again, if you're not going to play, it's not the place to be. You'd rather start somewhere else and take your chances on getting to that same thing (the Super Bowl) with somebody else," Schroeder added.

Gibbs heard the same thing from Williams at last year's training camp.

"If you've got good football players and more than one at one position, somebody's going to be upset," Gibbs said Tuesday night. "If you switch this around, then Doug's going to be upset. I think it's just something you're going to have to deal with."

Gibbs said a trade is unlikely.

"The bottom line is we don't like doing that (a trade) and we're not going to do it unless we think it's best for the team," the coach said. "But there's always situations where if you're loaded at a position - and at quarterback we do have numbers - then something could happen."

Williams, the MVP of Super Bowl XXII, has been named as the team's starter for training camp and likely will remain as the Redskins starter for the regular season opener Sept. 5 against the New York Giants.