A hazardous waste site at Sixth West is getting an improved fence, under an agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency and Utah Power & Light Co.

The site is a storage area of the old American Barrel and Cooperage Co., 49 S. South Sixth West, land presently owned by UP&L. Students at Jackson Elementary School began campaigning more than a year ago to have the hazardous material there fenced better."This site is less than one-tenth of a mile from a residential area, and the potential for children to play at the site is very real," said Jim Knoy, on-site coordinator for the EPA's Emergency Response Branch. "Transients also have been known to frequent the site."

The existing perimeter fence is being improved, he said. Warning signs will be placed on the six-foot chain link fence, which is topped with barbed wire.

Knoy said the improvements were required by the EPA because the site has been contaminated.

The site is also being investigated for possible inclusion on the Superfund National Priorities List, which would make the site eligible for further study and cleanup, if necessary.