Mohammed Ali Hamadi, charged with air piracy and murder in the 1985 TWA hijacking, testified Wednesday that he hates the United States because "America kills, America destroys."

It was the Lebanese Shiite Moslem's most bitter attack on the United States since his trial opened July 5 in a Frankfurt courtroom.After his older brother refused to testify at the start of Wednesday's proceedings, Hamadi continued reading a statement he started Tuesday.

Chief Judge Heiner Mueckenberger interrupted him by asking: "Do you hate the U.S.A.?"

"I grew up in Lebanon in the middle of the war, and one naturally asks himself - why? The answer was always America, or Israel with support of America," Hamadi responded.

Again the chief judge asked him: "Do you hate America?"

"I have hateful feelings for all that attacked us, not just for the U.S.A. alone," Hamadi testified through an interpreter.

"I only hear America, America, America. America kills, America destroys," he said. "If I were an Afghani, I would have the same feelings for Russia."