An item of note:

Comedian Jay Leno was out of tune Monday night with his "Tonight Show" audience when he held up an April 12 Deseret News headline and picture. No one laughed.The article about the infamous Utah Singer family had a headline reading "Singers Aimed to Destroy U.S., Jury Told." Underneath the story was a picture belonging to another story on barbershop quartets. The disharmonious juxtaposition left the Deseret News a little red-faced at the time, but it was Leno who was off key Monday.

After getting laugh after laugh with the printed foibles of other newspapers, Leno didn't get his expected chorus of laughter when he held aloft the Metro section and said, "Here's one from Salt Lake City."

"I guess you had to be there," said a slightly wounded Leno.

We were, and we're still laughing.