Iran said Iraqi warplanes raided a nuclear plant and other targets in Iran Tuesday, causing deaths and injuries a day after Iran accepted a U.N. plan for ending the 8-year-old Persian Gulf war.

Iran said it shot down three Iraqi jet fighters, and Iraq said its aircraft shot down one Iranian warplane.The Iraqi fighters damaged the nuclear power station, a petrochemical plant and other industrial targets in the gulf coast city of Bushehr, Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency said.

The unfinished petrochemical plant is a joint Japanese-Iranian project. IRNA said Japan announced Tuesday it was willing to begin talks on completing the project.

The Iranian agency, monitored in Cyprus, said the Iraqis also launched air raids near the city of Ahvaz in Khuzestan province. "They were intercepted by heavy fire of the Iranian air defense gunners," IRNA said.

The agency said several people were killed and wounded in the Iraqi attacks.

An Iraqi military spokesman said Iraqi jets shot down an Iranian warplane over the gulf near the Iraqi port of Ammiq. The Baghdad Radio report, also monitored in Cyprus, said all Iraqi planes returned safely to base.

But IRNA said Iran shot down three Iraqi planes, two in dogfights over the gulf and one by anti-aircraft guns.

U.S. Navy officials in the gulf declined to comment on the reports.

On Monday, Iran announced it had agreed to a year-old United Nations resolution for a cease-fire in its war with Iraq, which has claimed an estimated 1 million lives.

The cease-fire would not take effect until details are worked out within a week to 10 days.