Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been stripped of his title by the International Boxing Federation, according to a published report.

Sy Roseman, public relations director for the IBF, said Tyson forfeited the title Monday when he entered the ring for his defense against Tony Tubbs without the IBF belt, the New York Times reported in its Tuesday editions.Tyson, after wearing only his World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association belts into the ring, stopped challenger Tony Tubbs with six seconds left in the second round.

Tyson's manager, Bill Cayton, was told before the fight by IBF championship committee chairman Bill Brennan that the title would be vacated if the champion failed to wear the organization's belt into the ring, Roseman said.

Cayton said Tyson did not wear the belt and that no sanction fee was paid to the IBF because he did not want to embarrass the Japanese. The Japan Boxing Commission does not recognize the IBF.

Asked before the stripping what he would do if it occurred, Tyson said, "I'll win it back again."

Roseman said the IBF's leading contenders, Trevor Berbick and Carl Williams, would fight for the vacated title, the Times reported.

Tyson earned the first portion of his undisputed title from Berbick, then the WBC champion, with a second-round knockout on Nov. 22, 1986.