Secretary of State George Shultz arrived in Tokyo Monday for a two-day visit after earlier pledging U.S. support for South Korean efforts for reconciliation with communist North Korea.

Shultz, on the next-to-last leg of his whirlwind nine-stop tour of Asia and the Pacific, arrived at Tokyo's International Airport at 4 p.m.His busy agenda Tuesday called for a visit to the residence of Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita followed by meetings with finance and foreign ministry officials and leaders of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Shultz was scheduled to hold a news conference at the U.S. Embassy Tuesday evening to cap off the visit before leaving Wednesday morning for the Marshall Islands, the last stop on his tour.

Earlier Monday in Seoul, Shultz pledged support for South Korean efforts for reconciliation with North Korea but said American forces will remain in South Korea as long as necessary to ensure peace.

In a speech before the Korean Newspaper Editors Association, Shultz praised South Korea's push for full democracy but warned it must defend itself from "the still acute threat of armed attack from the North."

North Korea "has done more than merely menace the South," he said.

At a later meeting with President Roh Tae-woo, Shultz briefed the Korean leader on his talks with Chinese leaders in Beijing prior to his visit to Seoul, but a presidential spokesman would not disclose details of the briefing.

The spokesman said Roh assured Shultz that despite concerns about security at the Seoul Summer Olympic Games due to student protests, "Domestic factors will never be allowed to threaten the safety of the games. All that is needed is to cope effectively with threats from the outside."

Shultz said the United States supports democratic governments and believes in the principle of open markets and has done much to establish a free trade system. "If that causes anti-Americanism . . . so be it."