A very grateful Rep. Floyd Spence, R-S.C., left the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson on Friday with his new lungs and new bride, vowing to let the world know about the program that saved his life.

"Lord knows they've got something going here the world ought to know about and the world doesn't know about," Spence said. "And If I can pull through on this, believe me from my standpoint they'll know about it."

Spence, 60, said his doctors have told him he will be "up to full force" by September in time for the final month of campaigning before the November elections. He is seeking his 10th term as South Carolina's 2nd Congressional District representative.

On May 6, surgeons performed a double-lung transplant on the congressman, giving him the lungs of an 18-year-old Tyler, Texas, youth who was born the year Spence entered the House.

"Right now I'm just working on getting over this period and then look out, here I come."