Six years after walking away from tennis, Bjorn Borg looks with incomprehending wonder upon his younger self.

The Swede won Wimbledon five consecutive years. Six times he was the French Open champion. Now he views these achievements as if they were the work of a stranger."Mentally, I'm so far from tennis, so far from being on the court competing - if I was to go out and play a match now, I could concentrate, maybe, for one game, that's all.

"Now I say to myself, `How could I concentrate and do those things I did before? How was that possible? Sometimes I ask myself the question and I cannot understand how I could do it," the 32-year-old said Saturday.

"Emotionally, it's something that happened in the past. Watching my old matches on television or on tape, I see it the same way as you see it, and I think, `Gees, that happened a long time ago.'

"Even if it was five or six years ago, that seems way, way back, it's like I was 50 years older. Very strange. It's something that has to do with the mental in me right now."

The long hair is gone, so is the scraggly growth of beard. Wearing a coat and tie, Borg is more talkative than he was as tennis' first `Teen Angel' in the 1970s, but the famous reserve is still there.

Borg's favorite memory of tennis remains his five-set 1980 Wimbledon final with McEnroe.