Arraignment of Cory Ray Hull, 18, Hoytsville, on a shooting charge that followed the accidental shooting death of a Bountiful man has been continued until July 26.

Third Circuit Judge Michael Murphy has continued the arraignment to give the youth time to decide on his plea. Hull is charged with violating a county ordinance against shooting within 200 feet of a public road.A 13-year-old boy faces a similar charge in juvenile court.

The charges followed the death June 17 of Robert Knighton, 23, from a wound to the head suffered the previous day near Echo Dam.

County Attorney Robert W. Adkins said the boys were firing at bottles about 600 feet from where Knighton was standing. He said the boys could not have seen the victim, and there was evidence Knighton was hit by a ricochet.

Adkins said the youths had been using each other's rifles and it was not known which had fired the fatal shot.