Age: 39.Where born: Salt Lake City.

Family: Wife, Melanie, and children Rachelle, Jenessa, Robyn, Shannon and Chris.

Education: Attended the University of Utah.

Primary products: Petrochemicals, plastics, packaging and recycling centers.

Primary markets: Consumer electronics, food service and construction.

Number of employees: 1,500.

Annual sales: $1.25 billion.


First "real" job: Working at Dan's as a bagger/checker. I almost made the grocery business a career.

Management style: Provide a strong company vision. Within a decentralized system, all work toward the common goal.

Strategy for success: Clearly identify performance requirements. Surround oneself with excellent people who will get the job done.

A memorable failure: While working for Noxell (a cosmetics company), I assumed something about a customer. I was completely wrong. Now I never assume anything.

Heroes: My father, Rulon Ras-band; Spencer W. Kimball; and Jon Huntsman.

Leisure time and hobbies: All types of family activities. My church and family are the rest of my life.

Favorite book and movie: All Tom Clancey books and all Indiana Jones movies.