Salt Lake police are looking for a purple man with black arms and legs. He was last seen wearing yellow sunglasses, white gloves and carrying a ghetto blaster.

Police believe the 21/2-foot tall Captain Toonz, age unknown, was kidnapped recently from a downtown Hardees restaurant."I'm sure whoever has him will take good care of him," said George Phillips, a manager at the restaurant.

Phillips immediately called the police when he noticed Toonz - a plastic California raisin - was missing from atop of his promotional box on the counter. Two male suspects, both in their early to mid-20s, had been playing with the raisin minutes earlier while ordering their food, he said.

"I went in the back for about three minutes," said Phillips. "When I came back, they were gone and so was the raisin."

When Phillips called the police and reported the missing raisin, he said the dispatcher replied, "Oh no!"

Phillips said the dispatcher sent a radio bulletin describing the suspects and the raisin. "She did it with a very straight voice, but it was very hard to take the whole thing seriously," he said.

Captain Toonz is a model promoting the selling of plastic, hand-painted California raisins. Phillips said the raisins are extremely popular and claims Hardees sold 13 million of the characters nationwide last year.

"I think in the years to come he will probably become a collectors' item because he was so big," said Phillips of Toonz.

"Personally, I don't like the things. It amazes me what the American public will buy."

In the meantime, employees at the restaurant say Toonz is sorely missed. Phillips said, however, that the kidnapping has created a boost for personnel.

"Before this happened, employees weren't taking the California raisin promotion seriously," he said.

Phillips said because he didn't believe the suspects would return the raisin, another raisin has replaced him.

Toonz's family members, Waves Weaver, F.F. Strings, Rollin' Rollo, Trumpy Trunote and S.B. Stuntz could not be reached for comment.