A long-range sports plan for Salt Lake County has been presented to the Salt Lake County Parks and Rec-reation Board as a guide to officials and planners to help determine future recreation needs.

The study makes several recommendations to the board concerning the planning of public recreational facilities and sports programs in the county.Part of the study includes a sports programming questionnaire that was given to county residents. The survey indicated residents felt the need for additional recreational facilities in the county - the most-needed being swimming pools, followed by multisports complexes, fitness facilities, basketball courts, tennis courts and ball diamonds. The plan recommends that the board give priority to constructing facilities residents desire most.

Results of the questionnaire also show residents would prefer to pay user fees to finance any new facilities. Residents also strongly support sports programs for the disabled, the survey shows.

The county's sports facilities were also inventoried for the study, and totals were compared with national standards. Based on those standards and local demographic trends, the committee made several recommendations concerning additional facilities.

The committee suggests the county construct a multi- purpose complex, a tennis center at the existing Olympus Hills Tennis Facility, and increase the number of baseball and softball diamonds, 1/4-mile tracks, swimming pools and gymnasiums.