Gasoline used to clean up grease spilled on a kitchen floor was the source of a fire that destroyed a Magna home Thursday, a Salt Lake County Fire Department investigator said Friday.

Two of three children in the home, located at 3702 S. Franklin Road, were injured in the blaze.Fire investigator Gary Mudrock said the three children were just fortunate to get of the house.

Mudrock said the fire broke out after a 7-year-old boy in the family used gasoline, after a spray cleaner didn't work fast enough, to clean up the grease, which spilled from a frying pan the night before.

The boy suffered a singed arm when the gasoline was ignited. Mudrock said he is not sure what ignited the gasoline, but neighbors, who were working in their yards, heard an explosion just before the home burst into flames.

The boy's sister, Melinda Hairup, 10, was treated by paramedics for a burned foot. Stan, 4, another child in the family, escaped without injury.

Gasoline probably also contributed to a fire Wednesday at a duplex at approximately 70th South and 1650 East in Salt Lake County.

Mudrock said this fire, which resulted in about $45,000 damage, started in a small storage shed.

Two juveniles were at home when the fire started.

Mudrock said he doesn't know if gasoline was the source of the fire, but it added to the fire's spread and amount of loss.

Jay Miles, director of public education and public relations, Salt Lake County Fire Department, said people should not use gasoline as a cleaning agent. "It is very dangerous," he said.