When Utah State University students vote for new student body officers on Friday, they'll also consider a referendum calling for a library fee.

Student body President Chris Avery said Saturday the Associated Students Executive Council is asking students to support a $2 per quarter library fee."Even though the library budget was increased by $190,000 this year, that one-time increase will not be enough to bring it up to standards," Avery said.

He said the State Board of Regents voted to allocate about $200,000 from tuition for the library, but then decided that would be impossible because of the bleak economic conditions.

"I would like to see them approve a fee for academic quality rather than just fees for athletic or entertainment purposes," he said.

Academic Vice President Michelle Henrie voted against putting the fee proposal on the ballot.

"I fear it will send the wrong message to the Legislature that they (legislators) don't have to give the university money because we just have to raise fees," she said.