A Bountiful girl was assaulted this past week in a parking lot near a Salt Lake discotheque, police reported.

The girl, 17, was with a date, who parked the car at 1220 E. Simpson Ave. The date then left the car to see if the discotheque was open.A few moments later, she got out of the car to go toward the business and was accosted from behind by a man who grabbed her hair then pushed her to the ground, according to a police report.

The man lifted her skirt, held a knife to her back and attempted to grab her purse, police said.

Her screams alerted her date, who ran toward the scuffle, scaring off the assailant, the report said.

The girl suffered a chipped tooth and scrapes on her head and knee.

She described the attacker as about 5 feet 11 inches tall, 190 pounds. He wore dark pants and jacket and had white makeup on his face with black makeup around his eyes and mouth.