After working for six years with "top quality" people in the Provo School District, leaving is a difficult and emotional time for Merrell Hansen, curriculum director of secondary education.

With tears in his eyes, Hansen formally announced to the Provo Board of Education this week that he would be accepting a job with Brigham Young University in August."I hope leaving gets easier," he said. "I appreciate where I've been and hope the future is good to me."

Hansen said he is excited about his new job but became emotional because he will miss working with the people in the district.

The administrator previously worked in higher education at Washington State University and at the University of Kentucky. He will be working at BYU as a social studies education teacher and will get back into the classroom by supervising student teachers.

According to Superintendent Jim Bergera, Hansen "will still be with us one way or another." The district plans to assign him to work at a secondary school as part of the district's partnership with BYU.

Hansen's responsibilities at the district will be assigned to Kathy Hughes, director of special education for the district, and Vern Brimley, director of supportive services. In addition to special education, Hughes will be the administrator of curriculum instruction. Brimley will act as the director of secondary education as well as the administrative assistant to the superintendent.