Ice cream maker and Republican congressional candidate Richard Snelgrove says he has been asked by the White House to make jelly bean ice cream for President Reagan.

Snelgrove said on Thursday that the request apparently stems from a conversation he had with the president during a visit to Washington two weeks ago.Snelgrove, part owner of Snelgrove Ice Cream Co. Inc., visited the White House and met with Reagan as part of a training session for Republican candidates. Snelgrove is seeking the 2nd Congressional seat currently held by Wayne Owens, D-Utah.

"The president asked me if we made jelly bean ice cream. I said, "Mr. President, if you'll come to Utah and campaign door-to-door, anything is possible," Snelgrove said.

The president said his staff would consider the campaign request, but on Wednesday Snelgrove received a call from Judy Butler of the White House political office requesting a shipment of jelly bean ice cream.

Snelgrove said the company is working on the recipe, and will ship about six gallons to Washington on Monday for arrival Tuesday. Tentatively, the desert will consist of vanilla ice cream with bubble gum background flavoring and jelly beans.

The company has asked the White House to identify the president's favorite flavor of jelly beans, Snelgrove said. In the past, the president has been known to favor licorice.

Snelgrove said the shipment marks the second time his company has provided ice cream for a president. The first was in 1935, when Snelgrove's provided Thanksgiving dessert for President Franklin Roosevelt at his summer home in Warm Springs, Ga. That shipment was arranged by Sen. Elbert Thomas of Utah, Snelgrove said.