A couple of local TV weathermen want to live on Thunder Mountain Road, but at least one City Council member thinks that 1375 East is a fine street name.

Three homes, including those owned by KUTV weathermen Mark Eubank and Barry Nielsen, are on the street. Eubank, before going on Wednesday's 10 o'clock news, showed up in his a suit at Bountiful City Council meeting and tried to convince members to change the name of the east bench street.Eubank pitched his case to the council in a way that was reminiscent of his daily report on the lows, highs and storm fronts. "We live in an interesting weather area . . .," Eubank said, noting that the original street sign was blown off during a storm. He said he then contracted a sign company to make an unofficial sign with "Thunder Mountain Road" on it. But that blew away, too, during a wild storm.

Eubank said he wanted to make the street name official. He said neighbors and even police and fire fighters already call the street by the proposed name.

But even after Eubank's glib presentation, Councilman Harold Shafter, wearing a T-shirt, was unimpressed.

"We had a request to name a street after (steeplechase athlete) Henry Marsh a couple of years ago . . . . after all that he's done, we didn't name a street after him," Shafter said while peering over his reading glasses. Shafter's vote killed the proposal.

The council voted 2-1 to pass an ordinance to change the street name, but because an ordinance requires a minimum of three votes to pass, it failed. The item will likely be brought up again when more members of the council are in attendance.

Councilman Keith Barton said he supported the ordinance because a sign could be made with both the numerical and name designation on it.

The city's safety committee had earlier recommended the street name not be changed because the numbering system makes it easier for emergency vehicles to find addresses. The street name change would also require a change to be made on future city maps and telephone directories, City Engineer Jack Balling said.