Democrats, still critical of Gov. Norm Bangerter's tax rebate/income tax cut program, are now upset over the reassignment of a Tax Commission economist caught up in the mess.

They're also concerned that Bangerter is hesitating on reappointing a Democratic tax commissioner.Rep. Frank Prante, D-Logan, the legislator who read part of a secret Tax Commission memo written by economist Doug Macdonald during House debate on Bangerter's program, said Thursday that he didn't get the memo from Macdonald. He wouldn't say who he got it from.

Meanwhile, Rep. Grant Protzman, D-Ogden, gathered 15 signatures from Democratic legislators complaining about Macdonald's reassignment and asking he be reinstated. Tax commissioners say Macdonald's reassignment may be temporary, depending on their investigation on who did leak the memo.

Democrats also aren't happy that Bangerter hasn't sent Tax Commissioner Roger Tew's name up to the Senate for reappointment.

Tew fills a Democratic slot on the commission. He was interim head of the Legislature's own Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, but GOP legislative leaders declined to make him the permanent director three years ago and Tew was subsequently appointed to fill out the term of a tax commissioner who resigned. That term ended July 1. Tew continues to serve until Bangerter decides his fate.