The Utah County Commission is unhappy that former Timpanogos Mental Health Director Glen Brown still represents the county on the Central Utah Water Conservancy District board of directors and is becoming frustrated in its efforts to have him replaced.

Brown resigned from Timpanogos Mental Health last spring after allegations that he and other former administrators had mismanaged and misused about $3.5 million in public funds. The Utah attorney general's office is investigating the possibility of filing criminal charges against the administrators. Utah County, meanwhile, has sued the administrators in 4th District Court to hold them responsible for public funds they supervised.Brown completed his second water board term in January and was gliding toward reappointment when the scandal broke.

Until Gov. Norm Bangerter appoints someone to replace Brown or asks him to resign, Brown is legally authorized to continue attending board meetings and represent the county, Deputy Lt. Gov. David Hansen said.

But because a cloud hangs over Brown, county commissioners want him replaced. The governor's office has had several months to consider names presented by the county for Brown's replacement, Commission Chairman Malcolm Beck said.

"My opinion is that Brown should not be going to those meetings," Beck said. "Since some of this has quieted down at Timp Mental Health, he has started to show up again at the meetings. Our position is that he shouldn't be serving out there because he's under investigation."

Brown is one of three Utah County representatives sitting on the conservancy district board of directors, which oversees the Central Utah Project. Commissioners discussed during a meeting last week with governor's representatives the delay in replacing Brown .

"There's a real lack of follow through in the governor's office," Beck said. "It's not that it takes so long (to make a new appointment), but that they don't know internally what the hell's going on."

Hansen said the governor's office is working on replacing Brown in conjunction with making several other appointments.

"With the CUP (Central Utah Project), we've got a number of other appointments tied into it," he said. The governor's office also is trying to select a new member for Utah Valley Community College's Institutional Council and a new State Board of Regents member.

"They're kind of all tied in together," Hansen said. "It's not a matter of not doing what we're supposed to be doing, but a matter of a decision not being made yet. The governor is considering all the options on it (the appointment)."

Hansen said the names of prospective appointees must be presented to the Legislature 10 days before a special legislative session. The governor's office missed the deadline before the most recent special session.

"The thing is it's not just making an appointment to the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, it's getting all the pieces of the puzzle put together."

The County Commission is recommending Brown be replaced by Merrill Bushnell, a selection Hansen said the governor's office supports. Bushnell is a member of the Provo Metropolitan Water Board.

"We want the appointment to be done rapidly," Beck said. "If they're not going to appoint the people we give them, then we'll give them more names, especially if they're going to piddle around like they have since January."