If you or your children have ever toured the Deseret News or perhaps registered for one of the many programs the newspaper sponsors, you have probably met Angie Twitchell.

As the newspaper's receptionist and promotion department secretary, the tall blonde has greeted hundreds of visitors in the newspaper office during her 3 1/2 years at the Deseret News.Born in Cedar City and raised in Woods Cross, Twitchell also serves as secretary to the personnel manager and keeps track of various company benefits, bonuses and salary changes for the staff members.

She comes in contact with the public when conducting group tours and registering participants in newspaper-sponsored programs, such as the Deseret News marathon and 10K road race in July and the ski school during November.

When the Cub Scout program calls for "a visit to a large metropolitan newspaper," Twitchell schedules a tour almost every day during February and March. She shares her knowledge of the newspaper's daily operation with visitors as they are taken through the city room, photo department, arts and graphics areas and into the press room.

"I enjoy guiding the tours, but sometimes it's frustrating when the adults let the children run wild," she said. "But usually they're pretty well behaved."

Tour groups have included everyone from Scouts to college journalism students. "When one of the older students asks a question I don't know, I ask one of the department heads to give the answer," she said.

During the annual football contest sponsored by the Deseret News, Twitchell opens thousands of entries each Monday morning and supervises a team of "entry checkers" who count the correctly predicted college games played over the weekend.

And if you have ever sent for reader service publications or American flags offered by the newspaper, it was Twitchell who handled your order.

After graduation from Woods Cross High School, Twitchell worked six years for a local florist. "I enjoy arranging flowers so much that I work part time for a florist," she said.

And how about the Jazz?

Twitchell is a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the Utah Jazz. "I enjoy watching the different players, especially Karl Malone and Thurl Bailey," she said. "Both of them are great!"

She likes snow and water skiing and is currently taking an aerobics class at the University of Utah, because "it's less painful than jogging." Twitchell attended LDS Business College for two years and currently attends night classes at the U. in hopes of earning a degree in pharmacy.

"I've enjoyed working at the Deseret News in promotions because there's something different all the time," she said. "Working the marathon is a real pain because of the pressure, but we meet some of the nicest people."